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FSWA Profile: Eno Sarris

When you get Eno Sarris writing – or talking for that matter – there doesn't seem to ever be an end in sight. He writes for FanGraphs, writes beer reviews for his personal blog, and answers every single interview question you can think of with the utmost detail, even though his infant might need attending to.

The guy even blogs about not having time to blog about what he really wants to blog about … Now that is what I call a dedicated blogger.

Beer, sandwiches, babies, baseball and everything in between, that's what Eno Sarris blogs about. He's a man of the people, a man of the blogs; on pace to break the all-time record for most content providers written for at one time.

It all began back in 2004, or so when Eno returned from London to work as an editor at Kumon Publishing. Upon his return to the United States he began to post quite frequently on forums over at the Fantasy Lounge. The forum posts morphed into about two or three articles a week and some draft kit work. Shortly thereafter he became an admin and then an owner of the site.

During his time at Fantasy Lounge, Eno won the 2008 FSWA award for Best Fantasy Baseball Article on the Web. The award winning story was one about Kevin Maas. Eno explained why fantasy experts should have the poor career that Maas would have coming. He pointed out that generally players that produce well but are older for their minor league level will not pan out in the majors. He went on to predict that Jay Bruce would blossom into a better major league player than Matt Laporta due to their age correlated production, even though at the time Laporta was the better bet.

Coincidentally, right around the time that he won the FSWA award, RotoGraphs was hiring new writers. He got picked up by the site in 2009 and shortly thereafter was taken on at Bloomberg by Jonah Keri. When he got the gig at Bloomberg he finally left the "real world" writing industry to become solely a fantasy man.

After working at RotoGraphs and Bloomberg for quite some time he parted ways with Bloomberg because they were stressing their fantasy tool over their content. Eno used a pre existing relationship with Ray Flowers to pick up some writing at Baseball Guys. This was followed by a blog at FanBall which transformed into Amazin Avenue, a Mets blog, which he still works with today.

While writing for Amazin Avenue Eno broke a "real world story," as he referred to it. The story itself was about the Mets hiring bankruptcy consultants earlier in the year.

Along the way we might have missed a couple, so we might as well summarize all of the outlets that Eno works with right now: FanGraphs, Rotographs, Amazin Avenue, RotoExperts, Getting Blanked, RotoWorld and naturally all of his personal blogging which touches such a broad range of topics.

All of this has garnered him the nickname "Everywhere Eno" among industry insiders. One would assume there's plenty of aspiring writers out there that would kill for a nickname such as that. Eno shrugs it off though. Sure, he writes everywhere, but to him it's just something to do while he's getting where he's going.

>> Getting to Know Eno Sarris <<

Hometown: Born in Jamaica and lived there until 6 or 7. Followed by Germany for a few years after that. Then Atlanta, Georgia followed shortly thereafter by Vero Beach, Florida. Finally, San Francisco for quite some time before boarding school up in Boston. Then college at Stanford, followed by some time in London and then New York before finally settling back in for good in San Francisco.

Fantasy Story to Brag About: I have nothing to brag about because I have about 15 teams a year and if I can brag about something in one league the opposite holds true in another.

Fantasy Writers I admire: Chet Grisham over at Razzball and also Matthew Berry. I feel Matthew does a really good job of crafting a story and not just talking about the stats which is how I like to write my own stuff. Naturally I also have to throw a shout out back to Carson Cistulli, although I see him more as a writer and less as a fantasy writer.

Favorite Fantasy Sport: Baseball hands down. I recently quit fantasy football.

My First Fantasy Experience: I started to play in 1999 or 2000 when I was in college.

Best Fantasy Acquisition Ever: Not owning Matt Laporta, ever.

If I wasn't writing fantasy sports I would be: My other job was writing children's books, so I'd probably be doing that. But literally what would I be doing in a dream sense, I would be writing novels.

The best album of the last 20 years: Today by RadioHead.

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction and more recently I'd like to say Bottle Rocket. Don't want to say Star Wars because it's so boring.