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FSWA Hall of Fame

In 2010, the Fantasy Sports Writers Association established a Hall of Fame as a way to recognize those fantasy sports publishers, editors and writers who possess a distinguished body of work and/or those who have helped to advance the careers of others in the fantasy sports industry. To be eligible, candidates must have a minimum of 10 years of service in the fantasy editorial field.

2010 HOF_Class

About the selection committee: The FSWA Hall of Fame Selection Committee consists of six members. Two members are chosen by Hall of Fame inductees, two are chosen by the FSWA Board of Directors, and two are chosen by the FSWA President, including the Committee Chairman. The FSWA President and non-Hall of Fame members of the Committee are not eligible for consideration. Selection Committee members serve two-year terms, with no limit to the number of terms served.

About the process: The Selection Committee reviews a list of eligible candidates to start the process, and makes additions, if necessary. Then, each member of the Committee is allowed to nominate up to two candidates for consideration; these candidates are considered finalists. The Committee discusses the finalists before voting, using established criteria. To gain induction, a candidate's name must appear on a pre-determined number of ballots cast.


Class of 2010Greg Ambrosius, Matthew Berry, Scott Engel, Eric Karabell, Greg Kellogg

Class of 2011: David Dodds, Brandon Funston, Emil Kadlec, Nate Ravitz, Peter Schoenke, Ron Shandler

Class of 2012: Ryan Bonini, Tristan Cockcroft, William Del Pilar, Michael Fabiano, Dan Grogan, Bob Harris, James Quintong

Class of 2013: John Hansen, Glen Waggoner

Class of 2014: Jeff Erickson, John Hunt, Matthew Pouliot

Class of 2015: Joe Bryant, Jason Grey, Alex Patton

Class of 2016Peter Kreutzer, Ian Allan, Lenny Melnick

Class of 2017: Stephania Bell, Brad Evans

Class of 2018: John Benson, Paul Charchian, Brendan Roberts

Class of 2019: Lawr Michaels

Class of 2020: Rick Wilton, Todd Zola

Class of 2021: Steve Gardner, David Gonos, Scott Pianowski, Mike Tagliere

Class of 2022: Nando Di Fino, Dave Richard