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New award categories for 2018 Print
The News
Written by Andy Behrens   
Saturday, 06 October 2018 06:02

The Fantasy Sports Writers Association will introduce new categories for our 2018 writing awards. A committee of FSWA members met during the summer to review our categories and offer recommendations. The following awards will be added this year: 

- DFS Writer of the Year
- Research Article of the Year
- Player Notes Writer of the Year
- Best Long-Form Video 
- Best Short-Form Video

All five new categories will be open to submissions across all/multiple sports. The Player Notes category will require 6-8 submissions, none exceeding 200 words. Our intent with this award is to recognize individual authors of quick-reaction player notes. Research articles, defined broadly, should be pieces of evergreen content taking deep dives into their subjects, supported by data or detailed reporting. For the video categories, we will define short-form as anything less than 10 minutes. 

As always, DFS writers remain eligible to submit their work in all categories. The addition of a DFS Writer of the Year award is intended to recognize content producers who focus exclusively on daily fantasy, often covering multiple sports. We encourage nominees to show the full range of their work in their submissions. 

FSWA will be eliminating our Newcomer of the Year and Humor Article of the Year categories. Also, we will no longer have separate awards for print and online articles in football and baseball. Instead, we will simply recognize one Article of the Year in each sport. 

We will offer additional details on 2018 writing awards in a few weeks, when nominations open. If you have questions about the FSWA's awards process or methodology, please contact a member of the executive committee. 

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