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2016 FSWA writing award finalists
The News - Latest News
Written by Andy Behrens   

The Fantasy Sports Writers Association is pleased to announce finalists for our 2016 writing and media awards. Our panel of judges reviewed over 500 nominees across 22 categories in a blind process. Award winners will be announced on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio on Tuesday, February 7. 


Finalists for 2016 are as follows: 




Newcomer of the Year
* Alex Rikleen, RotoWire
* Juan Carlos Blanco, RotoWire
* Scott Barrett, PFF


Racing Writer of the Year
* Mark Taylor, RotoWire
* Daniel Dobish, RotoExperts
* Stephen Young, RotoGrinders


Golf Writer of the Year
* Michael Riek, RotoWire
* Patrick Mayo, RotoExperts
* Geoff Ulrich, Draft Kings


Humor Article of the Year
* Ladd Biro, Fantasy Fools
* Chris Mitchell, RotoExperts
* Derek Farnsworth, RotoGrinders


College Sports Writer of the Year
* Brad Evans, Yahoo Sports
* John McKechnie, RotoWire
* Mario Puig, RotoWire


Best Fantasy Football Publication
* RotoWire
* Rotoworld
* Football Diehards


Best Football Podcast
* PFF Fantasy Slant with Jeff Ratcliffe
* Draft Sharks with Jared Smola, Kevin English & Matt Schauf
* Pat Mayo Fantasy Football Podcast, FNTSY
* The Daily Fantasy Edge with Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld & Peter Jennings, Draft Kings
* East Coast Offense with Chris Liss, RotoWire


Football Article of the Year, Print
* Gary Davenport, Fantasy Sharks
* Jeff Miller, Dynasty League Football
* Jeff Zimmerman, RotoWire
* Jake Ciely, RotoExperts
* George Kritikos, Dynasty League Football


Football Article of the Year, Online
* Dave Richard, CBS
* Drew Loftis, New York Post
* Brandon Murchison, RotoExperts
* Jeff Zimmerman, RotoWire
* Brandon Marianne Lee, Her Fantasy Football


Best Football Series
* Andrew Laird, RotoWire
* Jeff Zimmerman, RotoWire
* Ladd Biro, Fantasy Fools
* Jen Ryan, Football Diehards
* Brandon Murchison, RotoExperts


Football Writer of the Year
* Jeff Zimmerman, RotoWire
* Dave Richard, CBS
* Ladd Biro, Fantasy Fools
* Brandon Murchison, RotoExperts
* Gary Davenport, Fantasy Sharks


Hockey Writer of the Year 
* Joe Holka, Fantasy Labs
* James Capone, Scout Fantasy
* John Britt, RotoGrinders


Basketball Writer of the Year
* Ryan Knaus, Rotoworld
* Tom Carpenter, ESPN
* Derek Farnsworth, RotoGrinders


Best Fantasy Podcast, all/multiple sports
* RotoWire Fantasy Basketball with Nick Whalen & D.J. Trainor
* RotoWire Fantasy Soccer with Andrew Laird
* Fantasy Hall of Fame Hour with Scott Engel, RotoExperts


Best Fantasy Baseball Publication
* USA Today
* Rotoworld
* RotoWire


Best Baseball Podcast
* RotoGrinders Morning Grind with Stephen Young
* RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Podcast with Derek Van Riper
* USA Today Fantasy Baseball Podcast with Steve Gardner


Baseball Article of the Year, Print
* David Regan, RotoWire
* Rob Leibowitz, RotoHeaven
* Steve Gardner, USA Today


Baseball Article of the Year, Online
* Derek Farnsworth, RotoGrinders
* Michael Rathburn, RotoWire
* Jeff Zimmerman, RotoWire


Best Baseball Series
* Michael Rathburn, RotoWire
* Ray Flowers, Fantasy Alarm
* Juan Carlos Blanco, RotoWire


Baseball Writer of the Year
* Michael Rathburn, RotoWire
* Juan Carlos Blanco, RotoWire
* Ray Flowers, Fantasy Alarm
* Ray Murphy, BaseballHQ
* David Regan, RotoWire


Best Video
* Fantasy Football Hour, Atitude TV
* Fantasy Football Live, Yahoo Sports
* The Fantasy Hipsters, NFL.com


Best Fantasy Radio Program 
* RotoBaller Radio with Raphael Rabe & Josh Hayes on SiriusXM
* The SiriusXM Fantasy Drive with Kyle & Ray
* Pro Football Focus with Jeff Ratcliffe on SiriusXM


RotoWire produced 25 finalists this year, leading all companies. RotoExperts received eight finalist nods and RotoGrinders had six. Jeff Zimmerman was recognized as a finalist in five categories, while Michael Rathburn, Derek Farnsworth, Ray Flowers, Ladd Biro, Brandon Murchison and Juan Carlos Blanco are finalists in three. Congratulations to all of this year's nominees.